Do you want to embark on learnership programmes for disabled people within your business, but do not know how?

UBUHLE HR is your perfect skills development partner for disabled initiatives.

Let UBUHLE HR take the headache out of disabled learnership initiatives and assist you with Increasing you’re Broad-Based Black Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating.

Simplifying the ABC of B-BBEE

The Employment Equity Act defines ‘people with disabilities’ as: ‘people who have a long-term or recurring physical or mental impairment which substantially limits their prospects of entry into, or advancement in, employment.’

Every person deserves an equal right to learning, working and opportunities in life. People with disabilities are no exception. Employers enrich the lives of their disabled employees and equip future leaders of tomorrow by aligning themselves with the right skills development facilitator and partaking in disabled learnership initiatives.

Training and development is instrumental in the growth, success and longevity of a business. Businesses that comply with employing black disabled employees are rewarded with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) points. The more B-BBEE points a business has, the higher their BBBEE rating and the more enticing that business is as a service provider or supplier, because this in turn enables the procurer to secure more B-BBEE points. Not only do employees of colour that are disabled benefit from the skills development but so do businesses in the form of points and rebates.

The measurement of the Employment Equity pillar of the B-BBEE Act, is people of colour with disabilities. A business needs to have employed 2% of its total workforce consisting of Indian, coloured and black employees with disabilities to be awarded full B-BBEE points for the zero to five-year period. To be awarded full B-BBEE points for the six to ten-year period, a business needs to have employed 3% of its total workforce consisting of Indian, coloured and black people employees with disabilities. The value of reaching these targets is two B-BBEE points.

Failure to meet compliance of the B-BBEE Act simply means that points are not achieved which is unfortunate. B-BBEE points are very valuable in the procurement process, because the higher the B-BBEE points, the more enticing a procurement partner is, as a buyer will then earn more points from doing business with the partner.

Learnerships simplified

A learnership is a vocational training and educational programme that links structured learning with work experience to obtain a registered qualification. It combines theory and workplace practice into a qualification recognised by the National Qualification Framework (NQF).


Learnerships and Tax allowances

For NQF level 1-6, an employer can claim a tax allowance of R120,000 for disability per person registered on a learnership programme.

NQF level 7-10 entitles an employer to claim a tax allowance tax allowance of R100,000 for disability per person registered on a learnership programme.

UBUHLE offers a complete turnkey skills development solution for disabled learnership programmes, which leaves you with far more time to focus on business.

UBUHLE HR’s fully hosted, 12-month structured work-based programme combines classroom and experiential learning – setting disabled learners up for success in the world of work. This programme is especially ideal for workplaces that are not suitable to accommodate training for people with disabilities.

wheelchair bound man looking thoughtful with folders and a pen


  • Recruitment of disabled learners
  • Accredited Learnership Programme for disabled learners: NQF 2 – NQF 5
  • Registration and learnership agreement management
  • Learnership administration
  • Roll out plans for 12months compiled in consultation with organisation
  • Facilitation, assessment and moderation of learnership programme
  • Portfolio of Evidence management
  • Project Management of training site
  • Uploading of credits
  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • External Moderation management with Seta
  • Certification of learners
  • SARS IT 180 Forms for tax Rebates p/p
  • Training venues for disabled learners (reasonable accommodation criteria)
  • Hosting of disabled learners in real work life environment (OFF-SITE)
  • Payroll administration of stipends
  • PWD and General Employee Support (Online or Telephonic)

Unemployed disabled learners are based at UBUHLE HR’s Mount Edgecombe partner academy and call centre for the full 12 months – 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday – and during their day, they work through a structured learning and mentorship programme.

UBUHLE HR is your perfect skills development partner for disabled initiatives. Increase you’re Broad-Based Black Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating and let UBUHLE HR take the headache out of disabled learnership initiatives.

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