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Sector-specific Trainingthat works.

A modern, targeted approach to training to develop an engaged, productive workforce.

Our sector-based Academy model prepares learners to enter a specific career field. Delivering quality occupational training, our Academies channel learners to make connections between what they are learning and how they can apply their new skills in the real world.

Why Sector-Specific Training Academies?

Watch our video to find out how our occupational training gives your learners the skills they need to work in a specific industry.

Our Three Academies

Wholesale and Retail Academy

Specialising in W&R SETA accredited qualifications, our Wholesale and Retail Academy addresses the various components of the supply chain by offering industry-specific occupational training that is ideal for developing shopfloor, entry level staff through to junior management.

Management and Business Academy

Focussing on Services SETA accredited qualifications, our Management and Business Academy is focused on accredited and non-accredited development programmes that help unemployed and employed learners bridge the gap between their existing skills and those required by the business.

Production and Manufacturing Academy

Delivering a wide range of MERSETA accredited Skills Programmes, our Production and Manufacturing Academy specialises in NQF Level 1 to Level 5 production qualifications aimed at developing operators and supervisors.



Wholesale and Retail Academy

Our Wholesale and Retail Academy offers accredited a comprehensive range of industry-specific skills development, programmes and short courses – designed to facilitate effective learning to ensure that your team is equipped to deliver optimal performance.

Management & Business Academy

Our Management and Business Academy offers accredited skills development programmes and numerous short courses, ensuring that your people have the skills they need to power up their performance.

Production and Manufacturing Academy

Our Production and Manufacturing Academy specialises in occupational qualifications for operators and supervisors with 12-month learnership programmes accredited by the MerSeta.

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