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Future-Focus your Workforce with Accredited Online Learnerships

We partner with you to bring your business next-gen training that unlocks the power and flexibility of on-the-go upskilling.

Embrace the evolution of training with
Ubuhle’s eLearnership Academy.

Our custom-designed, agile Learning Management System (LMS) gives you the ability to cultivate the future skills essential for staying ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape. The basis of our eLearnership Academy, it not only delivers QCTO-accredited occupational certificate programmes, it also provides a comprehensive range of SETA-accredited learnerships, ensuring that your workforce is not just equipped but future-ready.

The Benefits of eLearning

Excellence and Convenience

The Trailblazers in Online Learnerships

Ubuhle proudly stands as one of the early adaptors in online learnerships. Working with industry experts, we custom-designed our Learning Management Systems (LMS) so that it is specifically tailored for delivering cutting-edge learnership training.

Since the launch of our eLearnership Academy, our commitment to innovation has remained unwavering and we continuously strive to ensure that our clients have access to the very latest technology on a global scale, allowing them to stay at the forefront of advancements in online training for workforce development. At Ubuhle, our focus is on empowering businesses to embrace the future confidently, providing them with a technological edge to build the capabilities required to become future-ready.

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Our dynamic eLearning platform makes use of data analytics more effectively than any other for of learning. It’s easy to extract information from our LMS – with one click, our online administrator can review each learner’s attendance, the amount of time they spend on each module, their progress on completing their formative and summative assessments and so much more. Detailed reporting for our clients on their learner progress has never been easier.

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