Simplifying the ABC of B-BBEE.

Helping you to achieve the maximum B-BBEE impact for your investment in Skills Development at the lowest possible cost.

We understand that Skills Development goes hand-in-hand with B-BBEE so using our industry knowledge, skills and experience, our solutions will help you maximise the 25 points available on your scorecard for Skills Development.

As your B-BBEE Skills
Development partner we will:

Maximise your B-BBEE points through Skills Development

Unlock the bonus points for absorption of learners at the end of a learnership

Maximise your points for learnerships for People with Disabilities

Ensure your learnerships deliver the full allocation of points

Increase your points for Internships

Take advantage of the increased recogntion of Informal Training expenditure

Get recognition for your social responsibility initiatives

Liza Gresse, Ubuhle’s CEO explains B-BBEE in the context of Skills Development

We can provide the most comprehensive end-to-end advice so that you leverage the full value of the money your company has invested in Skills Development.

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