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Sales Assistant (General) SAQA 99669

More Information about this Occupational Certificate:


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Retail Sales Advisor. A Retail Sales Advisor sells goods and services such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), clothing, furniture, and speciality merchandise in a retail or wholesale environment.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Attend to different types of customers and resolve queries.
  • Provide customer service and build customer relationships.
  • Sell products in a full-service retail and wholesale sales environment.


In the Wholesale and Retail sector, the position of a Sales Assistant is critical to the functioning of the business, as money coming into the business comes through sales. The Sales Assistant also builds relationships with customers, encouraging future sales and referrals.

More specifically, there are two roles that are relevant to this occupational code within the Wholesale and Retail sector. The first is a Sales Assistant, who interacts with customers, responds to queries and provides customer service in both a partial and a full-service retail environment. The second is a Retail Sales Advisor, who actively leads customers through the sales cycle and guides them to make the buying decision for products that meet their needs in addition to interacting with them and providing customer service.

There is therefore a great necessity for a qualification that develops the skills and knowledge needed by not only addresses the skill needs of the Sales Assistant, but one that a Sales Assistant seeking to progress to a position of a retail Sales Advisor.

The industry is in need of qualified people to fill these roles. Accordingly, the qualification is vital as is evident by the large number of Sales Assistants and Retail Sales Advisors employed in the industry. The National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations (NQF Level 3) which this qualification provided individuals in the sales assistant position with a broad view of the occupation and did not specifically cater for a Sales Assistant or a Retail Sales Advisor.

The Wholesale and Retail sector has identified the Sales Assistant (Retail Sales Advisor) qualification as one which is critical for the development of the Retail and wholesale sectors. This has been supported by a variety of stakeholders from all regions through their participation in monthly stakeholder forums.

Those who can benefit from this qualification include a Sales Assistant in a retail or wholesale store and a Retail Sales Advisor in a full-service retail store. This qualification will not only benefit the learners completing it, but also society and the economy as wholesale and retail businesses will be able to function more effectively with trained staff members. Staff will be developed who have the knowledge, skills and work experience to sell the products to customers that meet their buying needs, to reduce unnecessary returns, that is returns which incur losses to the business whilst also promoting service excellence.

Sales mean income to a wholesale or retail business. Skilled employees who are able to increase this income generation and improve the image of the business will be able to contribute to the profitability of these businesses. This qualification will also help to reduce the unemployment levels in the South African job market as more qualified Sales Assistants and Retail Sales Advisors will be qualified.

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