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Retail Supervisor SAQA 99573

More Information about this Occupational Certificate:


The purpose of this qualification is to equip a learner with knowledge and skills to operate as a Retail Supervisor.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Supervise retail and wholesale staff.
  • Supervise the implementation and maintenance of retail or wholesale operations.
  • Analyse causes of customer complaints and to resolve them in a manner that promotes customer loyalty.


The Occupational Certificate: Retail Supervisor is designed to provide learners with fundamental knowledge of retail supervision. A Retail Supervisor oversees controls and co-ordinates the work performance of a team in a specific area in a wholesale and retail outlet.

The Wholesale and Retail industry is known for employing people at the lower levels such as Level 2 and 3 and promoting people from within. The target learners are therefore primarily people who are already employed in the industry but are being allowed progression opportunities.

The appointment of a Retail Supervisor is usually characterised by choosing the best person in a job and promoting them to supervisor. These people have a major impact on the organisation’s ability to provide the correct level of customer service and to operate with productive teams who minimise losses to the organisation and contribute meaningfully to the success of the organisation by leading their teams through good supervision.

Retail Supervisors supervise within a number of varying contexts and require knowledge of both supervisory skills as well as job skills. The major problem is that there is a huge difference between execution of responsibilities and supervising others in the execution of their responsibilities. The wholesale and retail sector has identified the positions of Retail Supervisor to be a scarce skill and many of the characteristics of retail supervision as critical skills

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