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Back Office Process Consultant SAQA 101863

More Information about this Occupational Certificate:


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Back Office Process Consultant.

A Back Office Process Consultant processes back-office transactions in order to balance Point of Sale transactions, deposit daily takings and prepare deposits, requisition and control floats, change and petty cash in order to fulfil business and customer requirements.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Cash up and consolidate multiple tills as point of sale.
  • Prepare and deposit multiple till takings in a retail environment.
  • Control float, change and petty cash in a retail environment.


The Wholesale and Retail industry identified a need for a Back Office Process Consultant qualification which seeks to address skills gaps prioritised in the Sector Skills Plan. Wholesale and Retail outlets are responsible for handling large amounts of cash and process countless transactions on a daily basis and these transactions and cash need to be consolidated daily in order to ensure accurate and efficient financial statements of these businesses.

This qualification serves as an entry level for Back Office Process Consultants in a Wholesale and Retail environment. The learners will gain skills: cash up and consolidate multiple tills, prepare and deposit multiple till takings in a retail environment, control float, change and petty cash in a retail environment.

The industry is currently experiencing high staff turnover due to the demand for these critical skills that qualified learners need to operate in complex environments and advanced business retail operations. This qualification will empower individual learners with the opportunity to acquire cash office competencies to function productively and effectively in a Wholesale and Retail business environment.

Competent learners will be able to perform cashing up procedures, be aware of safety and security in these environments, using relevant business documentation and apply proper industry operating procedures to improve on the efficiency of multiple cash office operations. A qualified learner will be able to progress in different Wholesale and Retail environments whether micro, such as a general shop, or macro (complex) Wholesale and Retail environments such as Hypermarkets.



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