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What makes an employee love their job?

It goes without saying, that every employee needs to enjoy what they do in order to be successful. When was the last time you spoke to a friend or colleague and heard them raving about their job? You might have had the complete opposite experience and endured a rant over a much needed venting session.

Many organisations do not understand or choose to ignore the importance of every employee’s mission within their department. Simply put – employees are ambassadors for the organisation, when they feel as if they belong and are being treated well, they voluntarily want to share their passion with everybody and it is clearly visible to customers.
More so, when employees are given insight into their significant role in achieving the organisations objectives, they are more inclined to feel a greater purpose to achieve and feel gratification from their work duties.

According to Guy Kawasaki (Chief Evangelist, Author and Marketing Specialist) he believes in the philosophy that people feel that they belong when they engage along three dimensions and we couldn’t agree more. These dimensions are:
• Personal engagement.
Employees are personally engaged when their jobs are meaningful to them. The meaningfulness can be a result of either intrinsic or extrinsic reasons.
• Interpersonal engagement.
Employees want to feel important, valued, and respected by others in the company. They want to feel like part of a team and supported by parts of the company.
• Societal engagement:
Employees want their company’s overall values to be aligned with their personal values. For example, someone homosexual won’t feel that he or she belongs in a company that manifests homophobic attitudes.

Every manager, director and even CEO started at an entry level position and knows exactly what it’s like to put in the long hours to work their way to the top – it’s therefore important to note that no matter what level one is at in their career, employees in an organization want to feel that they are being treated as humans with needs and concerns which are heard and dealt with and not like robots who are programmed to execute a task unhappily.

Some of the main reason’s employees tend to quit their job is because of being overworked, lack of recognition or growth and low salaries. These factors are luckily in the control of organisations and can be dealt with before having to face a high employee turnover.
The goal for every organisation should be to nurture all employees, up-skill them, give them the potential to shine through creative freedom and foster a workforce so brilliant and one of a kind. By doing so, you’ll find even the most tempting offers from competing firms presented to your employees not even standing a chance.

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