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Understanding the Tax Incentives available for Learnerships

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Download the learnership calculator featured in our recent vlog by filling out the form below. Available as an Excel spreadsheet, you can enter your own information to calculate the amount you will be able to claim on your learnerships using the S12H incentive and your tax rebates.

To understand more about the S12H incentive and available tax rebates, watch this video:

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Understanding the tax incentives and rebates that are available to help cover the costs of learnerships can deliver massive savings for your company. You can in fact claim at least 50% of your total learnership cost.

If you’ve got any queries about the S12H incentive and the tax rebates available, contact Andre Botha, our Business Development Director (, or Mpumi Mdluli, our Sales Supervisor (

To download the learnership calculator please complete the following form:

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