South Africa’s unemployment rate has increased to 27,6% in the first quarter of 2019, with the youth graduate unemployment rate at an all-time high of 55,2% according to Stats SA – making it an even more serious concern then before.
“Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people” – Nelson Mandela. There’s nothing more important than participating in initiatives and programs that are able to revive and stimulate economic growth going forward.
Organisational Internships is an opportunity provided to young adults who have completed a tertiary qualification, e.g. a Degree, Diploma or Certificate and who would like to gain work experience in a structured environment. From an organisational perspective, an internship provides a unique training experience designed to enhance the professional development and growth of the intern.
Section 12H of the Income Tax Act (the Act) provides for an allowance to employers in respect of qualifying ‘registered learnership agreement’(s) entered into between the employer and employee.
The allowance is made up of both:
1. An annual allowance – i.e. available in respect of each year of assessment in respect of which the learner is party to a registered learnership agreement;
2. A completion allowance – a once off allowance available in the year of assessment in respect of which the learner successfully completes the registered learnership agreement and in addition to the annual allowance.

UBUHLE HR offers an Integrated Internship Programme that assists with career development by providing real work experiences that provide graduates with opportunities to explore their interests and develop professional skills and competencies – so that they are more of an asset to your company.

Benefits of investing in UBUHLE HR’s Integrated Internship:
1. Investing in interns and providing them with opportunities to advance and upskill is great for personal and organisational development, this will also instil in them loyalty and gratitude which will in turn result in them wanting to work harder in an effort to stay with your company long term.
2. Investing in an internship program with your current graduates is a great way to try out talent before bringing them on full time or seeing if they are a right fit for your company long term.
3. Skilled Interns will in turn provide low-cost options for reducing employee workload, improving unseen processes and finding great talent.

The major focus of the UBUHLE HR’s Integrated Internship Programme is to provide participants with professional skills, abilities, and activities practiced in a corporate and structured environment.

The key objectives of UBUHLE HR’s Integrated Internship Programme are to:
• Assist the intern’s development of employer-valued skills such as teamwork, communication and attention to detail.
• Expose the intern to the business environment and corporate performance expectations.
Interns should be able to demonstrate the following competencies at the end of the internship:
1. Professional behavior and conduct
2. Awareness of how interpersonal and intrapersonal values and beliefs affect professional relationships
3. Advocacy skills that promote full client access to business services
4. Understanding the working culture and environment related to a specific organisation. 5. Ability to function in interdisciplinary teams.

UBUHLE HR’s Integrated Internship Programme assists with career development by providing real work experiences that provide graduates with opportunities to explore their interests and develop professional skills and competencies.

UBUHLE HR’s 12-month Integrated Internship Programme offers:
1. Recruitment of Interns
2. Work Readiness Programme
3. Intern Programme Project Management
4. Agile Workplace Skills
5. Occupational Qualification
6. Technical Elective Skills

What’s the future leaders of your organisation looking like?
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