eLearning and online learnerships are taking South Africa by storm. And for good reason. When online learning is done right, it can produce great results and improve performance. It also saves your company money compared to classroom and instructor-led training and so much more.

If you are making a business case about why your company should be switching to online learning and learnerships, here are our top 10 benefits:

1. Saves your company money

We’ll start with the bottom line. eLearnerships are simply more cost-effective, specially if you have a larger learner audience. For eLearning, your candidates will need access to a computer or mobile phone and that’s it! You will be reducing fees for trainers as well as costs related to training rooms, travel, catering and materials.

2.  Reduces learning time

Just as eLearning saves you money, making the switch can also lead to huge savings on your learner’s time which is great news if they are doing an on-site learnership. In fact, online learning can reduce the time needed for training by up to 60%. How? Well, your learners won’t need time for travel, breaks and meals or starting and wrapping up learning sessions. All these factors add to the time needed for classroom training – that simply isn’t necessary for eLearning.

3. Scalable for any number of learners

Once your eLearning learnerships or modules have been created, they can be scaled up to roll out to as many learners as you need, in as many languages as you require. Instead of trying to find instructors and classroom space to dedicate to training, all that your learners need is access to a computer or mobile phone.

4.  Provides your learners and management team with timely feedback

Grading multiple assessments and providing feedback to learner questions all take a considerable amount of time for management. No so with eLearnerships. Your candidates receive real-time feedback during their online training. And as everything is connected online, management can also get up-to-date analyses on how their learners are performing.

5.  Ensures training consistency and standardisation

You are guaranteed that all of your learners will receive the same high-quality training, no matter where they are. The same learning material presented by the same facilitator (with the same level of interaction and engagement) at the same time.

6. Better learner retention for most training topics

eLearning is simply a better way to train learners. With gamification, videos and other interactive content, eLearning can greatly increase your learners’ engagement with and retention of key information.

7. Just-in-time accessibility for nationwide employees

eLearning in the workplace is available 24/7 nationwide so wherever your learners are located in South Africa in one or 100 locations, they’ll get the same access to training when they have time available.

8. Provides learners with ongoing access to key resources

If your training or learnership covers a lot of material that needs to be referenced later, eLearning provides this opportunity. Instead of being confined to a classroom or a centralised library, eLearning materials can go wherever your employees are.

9. Fits your learners’ flexible lifestyles

Today’s learners demand workplace solutions that fit their lifestyles. Providing training that can be accessed when it works best for them, takes into consideration your learners’ need for flexibility, which also adds overall motivation and morale.

10. Reduces your company’s environmental impact

Switching to eLearning isn’t only financially savvy, it’s also better for the environment as it can add to your sustainability targets. Articulate reports in its blog that producing and providing online learning courses consumes on average 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses.

Get started with eLearning today

If you want more information about the benefits of eLearning and eLearnerships as well as some case studies of how they can be applied in a workplace learnership, get in touch with Andre or Mpumi on 0861 256 724 or email andre@ubuhlehr.co.za They’ll be able to help you determine if an eLearnership would be the best option for your business.