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The Value of Employees with Disabilities

A classroom that is conducive for learning is important for any learner but more so for a learner that needs support and attentive training. We believe that learners with a disability should be no exception.
At UBUHLE  we focus on providing a fully structured work-based programme over a 12-month period combining classroom and experiential learning with the intention of setting learners with disabilities up for success in the world of work. This programme is ideal for employers with workplaces that are not suitable to accommodate training for people with disabilities. Unemployed learners with disabilities are hosted at our partner academy and call centre in Mount Edgecombe, Durban for the full 12 months from Monday to Friday. During the day, learners with disabilities work through a structured learning and mentorship programme that is extremely valuable to their growth.
Our turn-key solution is great not just because of our facilities that are designed to support and fully cater to learners with disabilities in terms of learning and mentorship, but because we see our mission all the way through from recruitment to Certification.

It is important for employers to understand the importance of providing and enabling a supportive learning environment for disabled persons so that they can go on to be better employees. There is business value to employing people with disabilities and implementing employment equity and diversity management in the workplace.
UBUHLE’s learnership programs for people with disabilities simplify the ABC of B-BBEE and is instrumental in the growth, success and longevity of a business.
Learnerships and tax allowances stipulate that for NQF level 1-6, an employer can claim a tax allowance of R120,000.00 for disability per person registered on a learnership programme.
People with disabilities are part of the South African economy and in many instances, have skills that may be well matched to many occupations and jobs. However, prejudice, stereotypes and lack of knowledge in many cases prevent employers from taking on a person with a disability. With the right information, awareness and sensitivity, employers should recognize that disabled people, like any other disadvantaged group in South Africa, may with proper bridging and support, be able to thrive in the workplace.

UBUHLE HR is your perfect skills development partner for disabled initiatives.

Increase your Broad-Based Black Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating and let UBUHLE HR take the headache out of learners with disabilities initiatives.
Contact UBUHLE HR today for a quote and break down of our full turnkey package.
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