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Navigating COVID-19

As a responsible training provider, Ubuhle has implemented the following measures in a bid to combat the spread of COVID-19:

Our offices:
1) Awareness and information posters regarding health and safety measures for COVID-19 have been put up in every office and communal area.
2) Every member of staff / work station has been issued with hand sanitiser to be used frequently throughout the day.
3) Every member of staff/work station has been issued with hand wipes to wipe office surfaces as well as laptop keyboards on a regular basis every day.
4) All members of staff have been instructed to wash their hands for 20 seconds prior and after the use of rest rooms or communal areas such as kitchens.
5) Should any member of staff develop any flu-like symptoms, the member of staff will be required to stay at home.
6) Cleaners have been issued with surgical gloves and have been instructed to clean all door handles, taps, kitchen appliances with a strong household detergent on a two hourly basis.
7) All visitors to our offices are instructed to sanitise their hands at reception on arrival as well as upon leaving our premises.
8) No handshakes are permitted on our premises.

Our facilitators:
1) At the start of each training session, all Ubuhle facilitators will share and emphasise the basic measures to be taken by every individual to prevent the spread of germs.
2) All Ubuhle facilitators will take their own hand sanitiser to training venues and use frequently.
3) Ubuhle facilitators will ensure that every learner uses hand sanitiser upon exiting as well as entering the training venue for lunch, tea breaks, toilet breaks, etc. In this regard, Ubuhle recommends and requests that employers make hand sanitiser available for every training venue.
4) Space permitting, all learners will be requested by our facilitators to sit 1,5 meters apart from one another.
5) Should any Ubuhle facilitator develop any flu-like symptoms, the facilitator will not be permitted to go to any training venue. Our office will immediately seek to make alternative arrangements, be it replacing the facilitator with another facilitator or postponing the training to a mutually agreeable future date.

Should you have any queries about the above health and safety measures, please contact the Ubuhle team on 0861 256 724 or email


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