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Importance of a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report

Submissions deadlines are looming. So what does that mean for you?

We are always surprised to hear how many companies pay over their Skills Development levies religiously every month yet never apply for grants to get the money back and train their employees.
In the discussions we’ve had with some of these companies, it seems that often, especially in smaller under-resourced companies, the process itself seems too onerous to take on and thus companies simply put training on the back burner.
With this blog post we aim to offer our knowledge on the acronyms WSP and ATR, and how your business can benefit from them.

There are 2 fundamental parts to obtaining training grants from your SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority).
1. Submitting your annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) by the required deadline
2. Submitting your Annual Training Report (ATR) by the end of our financial year
Let’s look at each in a little more detail.

A Workplace Skills Plan documents the skills needs in your organisation and describes the initiatives that your company plans to undertake to fulfil those needs. It is an annual submission with a deadline usually in the first quarter. The deadline for 2019 is 30th April.
The importance of the WSP lies in the following key points:
– It highlights the skills gaps in an organisation
– It highlights the employer’s intention to address these gaps and ways in which they intend to do this
– It encourages a well-rounded approach to training and skills development
– It enables the various SETA’s in turn to compile their Sector Skills Plan thus allowing access to the various SETA grants
Vital to any Workplace Skills Plan is a skills audit. Such an audit has several benefits. To mention a few:
– Provides a good snapshot of where the organisation is in terms of actual skill and knowledge within the talent pool
– Points out areas where specific development requires focus
– Helps employers to place their staff into the correct positions, making the best use of their skills to increase productivity
– Helps employers to align their Workplace Skills Plan with their company strategy
– Enables employers to undertake succession planning

To qualify for money back in training grants for up to 50% of the levies paid, the company needs to submit an Annual Training Report at the end of their financial year, or along with the Workplace Skills Plan. In your Annual Training Report, you will plot out the progress of your training in line with exactly what you submitted in your Workplace Skills Plan.
Completing the report will assist you in identifying your training success points, and also highlight any deviations or failures to achieve your training objectives. It is important to maintain good records to verify the information provided.
Not submitting your Annual Training Report will result in forfeiting the levy portion allocated when submitting you Workplace Skills Plan. Why would you pay all that money in levies and then not get the return for it that is due to you?

If all this remains a daunting prospect, or if you HR Department is under-resourced for this labor-intensive task, Ubuhle HR and Management Consultants offer a Skills Development Consulting Service that will take the hassle off your hands and GET MONEY BACK for your levies paid.
Our consulting services include:
– Annual Skills audits
– Completion and submission of WSP’s and ATR’s
– Securing SETA grants and funding
– Implementation of Workplace Skills Plans
– Learnership implementation and management
– Monthly training reports
– B-BBEE & skills development advice
– Learnership tax deductions and IT 180 form completion

As a bonus benefit to submitting and implementing your WSP and submitting your ATR reports, you will be also be eligible for tax rebates, and points on your B- BBEE Scorecard.

Ubuhle is an accredited training provider as well as B-BBEE and SETA Consulting company. We fully manage SETA and learner administration, with a minimal administrative burden on clients, and advise on tax benefits and maximization of SETA funding. We have successfully implemented learnerships as well as tailor-made training programs for the past 13 years, submitted and implemented several workplace skills plans, and run training programmes for companies of varying sizes, from those with less than 50 staff, to retail giants such as Spar, Cape Union Mart, Rhino Cash and Carry and more. We have a national pool of qualified consultants, facilitators and assessors and we’re here to help create a competitive advantage in your business.
Don’t miss your WSP and ATR submission deadlines. Let us help you! Contact us today to secure a no-obligation appointment.

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