Despite the strides the world has taken to celebrate women and their roles in the workplace and society. There is still an alarming gap in equality among men and women that exists even today.
Equality in the workplace means that no person should experience or fear discrimination based on their gender, sex, age, race etc. Women today unfortunately still face problems such as unequal payment, unequal opportunities and sexual harassment which leave them with little choice but to question the fairness of it all.

According to Career Junctions recent gender survey which explores gender issues related to the workplace, over a third of South African women feel that that their gender and parental responsibilities are holding them back from advancing in their careers.
The shocking statistics didn’t stop just there, while the majority of women get between 1-3 (38%) and 3-6 (36%) months maternity leave, only 18% receive full pay during this period while 28% receive less than 50% of their pay and a shocking 39% receive no compensation at all.
It’s clear that South Africa has such a long way to go when it comes embracing gender equality and making it an important part of the workplace ethos.

Any effort big or small is appreciated in the advancement of promoting gender equality. It’s all about starting somewhere, a few ways in which businesses can adopt a positive approach to promoting gender equality in the workplace and in the community:
• Encourage local talks at schools by female entrepreneurs.
• Mentor women in business at local seminars and other events.
• Support local schemes or initiatives by budding female entrepreneurs.
• Consider leadership roles for both men and women.
• Create an office culture whereby both women and men are treated with the same respect and dignity.
• Minimize the gender salary gap.
• Prioritizing work life balance to accommodate both women and men with responsibilities.

At Ubuhle, we believe in the equal advancement of women and men in the workplace. Ubuhle is 100% female owned and lead by a powerhouse of a CEO – Liza Gresse. Knowing the trials and tribulations that many women face, we have developed a Leadership and Management Development Programme specifically targeted at upskilling staff and promoting employment equity. Our Women Leadership Programme (WLP) consists of 8 modules and is devised to strengthen female leadership on a personal and professional level, in organisations, as well as in society. Ubuhle encourages many businesses to invest in the confidence and empowerment of human resources for a progressive future for all.

For an outline of the above programmes and more details please contact Ubuhle HR on 0861 256 724 or email