Appointing the right training provider can make or break the outcome of your investment. The mere fact that a training provider is accredited does not guarantee the quality of their course. You need to select the right provider, who offers value-added training. We share below our 6 tips to appointing the best training provider.

“The provider may have impressed the ETQA with imposing mission and vision statements, as well as piles of policies and procedures to get accreditation, but that does not necessarily translate into quality learning programmes” says Suzanne Hatting of Skills Portal

Appointing the best service provider

6 Tips to Appointing the Best Training Provider for your needs:

1 . Ensure the programmes on offer fit your exact needs by asking the relevant questions:What is the NQF level of the programme on offer?
  • Which unit standard or qualification is their programme aligned to?
  • Do their programmes constitute segments of a qualification?
  • What methods of delivery are on offer?
  • Does the trainee need to attend a remote training session or is learning offered at the trainee’s workplace?
  1. Do your homework on the accreditation of the institute
  • Find out which SETA the service provider is accredited with, and be sure to check their accreditation number
  • Check the registration numbers of the assessors they are using
  • Ensure that their registration covers the areas they will be assessing
  1. How are the outcomes assessed?
  • The service provider should show how the assessments cover the specific outcomes and assessment criteria of the unit standards in the programme on offer
  • Is the progress assessed mid-course, and if so, how
  1. What does the service provider understand about your environment and day to day working reality?
  • What understanding or experience does the service provider have of your specific work industry or environment in terms of day to day operational requirements and challenges, business model and strategy?
  • How will they customise their programme to relate it to your specific context and requirements? Will they use local examples and case studies?
  1. Check the service providers experience by asking these relevant questions:
  • How long has the establishment been a training provider?
  • How long have they been offering the specific programme you require?
  • Ask for relevant references for example the names of three previous clients who used the same programme
  1. Check whether there are pre-and post-training elements to the course
  • How does the training provider prepare the trainee for the course, and how do they ensure the learning is retained and implemented?

appointing the best training provider

We offer one more bonus tip to ensuring you appoint the right service provider for your needs:

Whilst the nature of training is certainly serious, there is no reason that the training should be boring. TRAINING SHOULD BE FUN. Be sure to find a service provider who adds a fun edge to their training offering.

Check out Ubuhle’s Training Academy prospectus here and feel free to book a no-obligation appointment with us to discuss your specific training needs – your first step to appointing the  best training provider.