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The future is now. UBUHLE is ready. Are you?

Due to the current global crisis, the delivery of learnerships has to change. We have to adapt to the new normal in the world of work and elearning is the solution.

UBUHLE is revolutionising the delivery of learnerships for Skills Development.

Our eLearnership Academy is an agile and exciting BBBEE aligned Skills Development elearning solution. A vibrant and dynamic training tool, the eLearnership Academy delivers our full range of SETA accredited learnerships. And online training removes the need for face-to-face training without compromising on quality or compliance.

This cost-effective elearning platform ensures that our clients achieve their Skills Development objectives. And they also continue to earn the required BBBEE points and available tax rebates.

Taking Skills Development training online works for everyone - for the company and for the learner.

Liza Gresse, CEO of UBUHLE


SETA Accredited Learnerships

UBUHLE’s eLearnership Academy offers a full portfolio of BBBEE aligned and SETA accredited learnership programmes with qualifications across all industries – NQF Levels 2 to 5.

BBBEE Skills Development Matrix

Learnerships and training material are aligned with the NQF unit standards and qualifications and fall within Category A, C, D and E of the Learning Programme Matrix for BBBEE Skills Development

SETA Compliance

UBUHLE’s eLearnership Academy is SETA Compliant with submission platforms for formative assessments and POE’s as well as tracking of classroom notional hours

Quality Assurance

SETA assessors and moderators have access to UBUHLE’s eLearnership Academy ensuring that all assessment and moderation takes place online

Linear Learning

Tailor-made for learners, UBUHLE’s eLearnership Academy is a simplistic, user-friendly system with all the tools, lessons and accredited content in a centralised space that takes learners through the content in a controlled process

Training Intelligence

Monitor the progress of your training initiatives, determine their impact and measure your ROI impact with reports and customised dashboards to generate your ATR and WSP.

eLearnership Academy Qualifications

elearning qualifications, UBUHLE eLearnership Academy

The eLearnership Academy

  • UBUHLE’s SETA accredited course material on one centralised platform
  • Information is arranged by learnership programmes
  • Each programme is segmented into easy-to-follow modules
  • Online formative assessments for each module
  • POE’s are submitted online to the SETA
  • SETA assessment and moderation take place online
  • An important component in UBUHLE’s blended learning approach
  • A dynamic platform that is easy to use for learners, facilitators and administrators

We have accreditation with the following:

UBUHLE memberships:

Comensa Talent Management
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