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Learnerships Programmes for People with Disbilities

Increase your Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating by investing in Skills Development for People with Disabilities.

Ubuhle takes the headache out of learnerships for People with Disabilities (PWDs) through a complete turnkey skills development solution.

Our fully hosted, 12-month structured work-based learnership is ideal for clients who want to sponsor PWD learnerships but who are unable to accommodate PWDs in their own workplace. A combination of classroom and experiential learning, this programme sets our PWD learners up for success in the world of work.



Your Perfect Skills Development Partner

Unemployed learners with disabilities are based at our Mount Edgecombe partner academy and call centre for the full 12 months. Working a full day, from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, your learners work through a structured learning and mentorship programme.



We can scale our learnerships to meet our client's requirements.


  Learnerships are designed to meet our client's specific requirements and we offer both Onsite hosted and Offsite client-hosted programmes.


Our strong recruitment team will source the correct demographic splits to meet our client's B-BBEE scorecard requirements.


Classrooms and on-the-job hosting environment that has been custom designed to accommodate PWDs.

Practical Experience

We provide a broad experiential programme where your learners work in a real but nurtured environment.


Our ability to place our learners into full time employment through our employer partner network.

A Turnkey PWD Learnership Management Solution

  • Recruitment of learners with disabilities
  • Accredited Learnership Programme for learners with disabilities: NQF 2 to NQF 5
  • Registration and learnership agreement management
  • Learnership administration
  • Roll out plans for 12 months compiled in consultation with organisation
  • Facilitation, assessment and moderation of learnership programme
  • Portfolio of Evidence management
  • Project Management of training site
  • Uploading of credits
  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • External Moderation management with Seta
  • Certification of learners
  • SARS IT 180 Forms for Tax Rebates p/p
  • Training venues for learners with Disabilities (reasonable accommodation criteria)
  • Hosting of learners with Disabilities in real work life environment (Off-Site)
  • Payroll administration of stipends
  • PWD and General Employee support (online or telephonic)

The Ubuhle Learnership Journey


  • Recruit: Our dedicated and skilled recruiters source, assess, interview and carefully recruit candidates.
  • Day 1: The first day is a dace of celebration and sets the tone for the remainder of the programme.
  • Induction: Learners receive their road map for the next 12 months with modules and class attendance.
  • Work Readiness Programme: A five day programme prepares our PWDs to enter a working environment.
Classroom Theory

Our classroom training is conducted by qualified facilitators who understand the concepts and principles of adult learning and facilitation.


Our mentors and coaches take our learners into our nurtured environment to prepare them for the workplace.

Experiential Learning

Learners are placed in our live environment where they gain real experience in different contact centre roles.

We have accreditation with the following:

UBUHLE memberships:

Comensa Talent Management
Comensa Talent Management