The purpose of this course is to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills that will enable you to develop and master the competencies necessary to be more customer focused, and deliver a quality service

1. Understand customers and customer service.
2. A customer service attitude.
3. Establish rapport and initiate contact.
4. Addressing customer needs.
5. Service recovery and customer complaints.


  • Identify both your internal and external customers and their expectations.
  • Describe why customers are so important and how it fits into the bigger company strategy..
  • Apply the service formula.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how your attitude influences the way you interact with the customer.
  • Create a positive first impression over the telephone.
  • Apply telephone etiquette skills.
  • Create a positive impression when dealing with walk-in customers.
  • Identify the general and specific need of the customers.
  • Gather information by listening and asking questions.
  • Differentiate products from service.
  • Deal with enquiries.
  • Take orders effectively.
  • Effectively refer customers to different departments.
  • Explain the reasons why customers complain.
  • Describe what customers expect when they complain.
  • List the steps in dealing with complaints.
  • Differentiate between complaints and objections.
  • Apply the techniques to handle dissatisfied customers.
  • Apply the techniques to manage your emotions when dealing with complaints.
  • Effectively communicate with stakeholders.
  • Provide customer feedback to employees.

This course focuses on what you should be achieving if you are handling customers under realistic conditions in the workplace, and has been developed specially for the use of customer facing personnel.

Formative assessment

Outcome based
Integrated practice and theory
Skills practise
Experiential learning

2 days