Diversity Management Programme

Rhodes Food Group – Diversity Management Programme 

UBUHLE HR is the proud partner of Rhodes Food Group (RFG) in the roll-out of the RFG Diversity Management Programme across South Africa. The first session was rolled out in the Free state at the RFG site in Bethlehem this week on Tuesday 27 November. Feedback of the delegates are…

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Organizations, whether they are retail, educational, business, industrial, government, military, service, healthcare, or entertainment focused, are made up of people – women and men. It is people who provide leadership, stewardship, and follower-ship in every organization. People formulate strategies to help organizations achieve their specific objectives. People constantly learn new…

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10 ways to get the best out of people

Survey after survey shows that many people are dissatisfied at work, that communication and conflict are huge problems in most workplaces, and that few leaders deserve to be called “great.” So what’s the problem? From  observations of top executives over the past 14 years, there are in fact two problems:…

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