Ubuhle navigates COVID-19

Navigating COVID-19

As a responsible training provider, Ubuhle has implemented the following measures in a bid to combat the spread of COVID-19: Our offices: 1) Awareness and information posters regarding health and safety measures for COVID-19 have been put up in every office and communal area. 2) Every member of staff /…

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Ace your WSP & ATR Submission

The top 5 tips to help HR Departments to plan and prepare their WSP and ATR submissions Like mad March hares, most HR Departments are in a frenzy pulling together the documentation for their annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR). Apart from achieving compliance and earning…

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Gender Equality in the Workplace

Despite the strides the world has taken to celebrate women and their roles in the workplace and society. There is still an alarming gap in equality among men and women that exists even today. Equality in the workplace means that no person should experience or fear discrimination based on their…

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