Diversity Management Programme

Rhodes Food Group – Diversity Management Programme 

UBUHLE HR is the proud partner of Rhodes Food Group (RFG) in the roll-out of the RFG Diversity Management Programme across South Africa. The first session was rolled out in the Free state at the RFG site in Bethlehem this week on Tuesday 27 November. Feedback of the delegates are…

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Training Service Provider

10 Questions To Ask Your Potential Training Service Provider

An employee is one of an organisation’s most powerful tools in growing profit. Employees are the foundation of the company’s structure and should therefore be firmly rooted in knowledge and skill : an organisation’s employees need Skills Development. In South Africa, legislation around SKILLS DEVELOPMENT can be a serious minefield…

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A Learnership Offer Unlike Any Other

  We are pleased to  present you with a special Learnership offer that is only valid until end January 2019, and comes with great benefits: For all learnerships, whether Company Funded or SETA Funded,  we will sponsor 1 additional learner for every 10 learners your Company gives to Ubuhle HR…

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Appointing the best training provider

6 Tips to Appointing the Best Training Provider

Appointing the right training provider can make or break the outcome of your investment. The mere fact that a training provider is accredited does not guarantee the quality of their course. You need to select the right provider, who offers value-added training. We share below our 6 tips to appointing…

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Build your confidence and boost results in selling your products and services.

Becoming a great salesperson takes effort and practice. While a salesperson might enter the industry because they have great people skills and a natural ability to influence others, they can certainly benefit from developing skills in terms of providing the best buying experience for their customers and potential customers. THE…

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Organisations employ professional drivers to deliver products to customers and act as ambassadors for the brand and they are in many cases the face of your company. But how well are your drivers trained for this job? UBUHLE HR is not referring to their ability to drive a truck or…

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Supervisor Training Will Lead your Company to Success

Supervisor training will help your company to get your management staff in the best possible shape and ready to lead your company. A strong management staff means your employees will be led and directed to be the best workers possible. Effective and efficient management is the main goal of supervisor…

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