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UBUHLE is proud to partner with the SPAR GROUP in empowering their line managers with HR and People management skills. This is the 3rd year of rolling out this powerful SPAR customized PEOPLE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME FOR LINE MANAGERS ( PMLMP) .

Spar Delegate Training

We are also most pleased to have received this great feedback which we truly value:
  1. How did you experience the PMLM Programme?

Delegate 1: “It was very informative and has added value to me, mostly to my team as I have been applying the knowledge I get in class to practice.”

Delegate 2: “It was very interesting- opened my mind to new ideas about people management.”

Delegate 3: “Learned a lot, I can now apply my skills effectively.”

Delegate 4: “It was excellent; I learnt many new things, brought new ideas of thinking and also met new people.”

Delegate 5: “I find it interesting and helpful.  I’ve learn a lot of things that I will use on my team.”

Delegate 6: “Excellent- for me personally.”

Delegate 7: “Wonderful!! Gained a lot of knowledge that seemed really easy to implement- very, very relevant so will be used.”

Delegate 8: “It was an eye opener and I did learn a lot.”

Delegate 9: “It’s quite interesting.  A lot of self-development tools for me and my team.”

Delegate 10: “It was good.  A lot of good learning.”

  1. What did you enjoy most of this Programme?

Delegate 1: “I enjoyed the topic about managing individual and team work”

Delegate 2: “The activities and group discussions.  Learning about other department challenges in the organisation.”

Delegate 3: “The literature, visuals shown and group discussions.”

Delegate 4: “It has helped me to better manage and lead my people.”

Delegate 5: “I enjoyed every lesson and I’ve gained a lot.”

Delegate 6: “Liza’s detail to explain and ideas shared.”

Delegate 7: “Examples used were great, could relate too them; the course easy to follow and was really relevant.”

Delegate 8: “All the interaction between the learner and the facilitator.”

Delegate 9: “Interacting with the rest of my team from Spar and gaining a lot of valuable lifetime skills.”

Delegate 10: “Good company, walked out with more knowledge.”

  1. Describe your overall experience of this event in terms of quality, learning, insights gained. 

Delegate 1: “Everything was of high quality and the fact that the facilitator is willing to assist even after the completion of this programme.  The venue was also clean and organized.”

Delegate 2: “I have taken a lot of knowledge from this course that will help in my current role.”

Delegate 3: “In the past 8 months I have gathered much knowledge and education from this program.  Thank you.”

Delegate 4: “A very rewarding experience that has huge value course content of great quality.  Thank you!!!”

Delegate 5: “I’ve gained a lot of experience in this programme.  I’m sure I will share everything with my team.”

Delegate 6: “Thoroughly knowledgeable, excellent!”

Delegate 7: “Wonderful!! Half day great.  Easy to cope with and also because once a month.”

Delegate 8: “Gained a lot of knowledge that I could use in my work environment.  I can also take this to my staff and teach them this as well.”

Delegate 9: “I would say 10/10.”

Delegate 10: “Good experience was happy that learning material was supplied”

For more information on the People Management for Line Managers Programme you can download our brochure here : PMLMP

Spar Delegate Training

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