Build your confidence and boost results in selling your products and services.

Becoming a great salesperson takes effort and practice. While a salesperson might enter the industry because they have great people skills and a natural ability to influence others, they can certainly benefit from developing skills in terms of providing the best buying experience for their customers and potential customers.

THE UBUHLE HR ART OF SELLING PROGRAMME is a two-day selling skills training course, which provides a valuable introduction to the world of sales.


This training course provides an introduction to sales for anyone new to selling or with no previous sales training.

Course Aim

A two-day training programme to teach selling skills. It introduces participants to tools and techniques for selling, in a way that makes it easy for buyers to buy. It’s designed to build confidence when making the initial contact with the potential client or customer.

To underpin our sales training, we help participants to understand the psychology and principles of buying and selling.

Course Objectives

By the end of the full two-day training course, the participants will have:

• Understood how customers buy and the sales process to match the buying cycle
• Recognised their beliefs about selling
• Created a great first impression and professional opening to a sales conversation
• Demonstrated how to build rapport with a customer to cement a trusting relationship
• Demonstrated how to listen effectively and to ask questions to uncover customer needs and opportunities
• Practised introducing services as benefits to meet needs
• Acquired some successful strategies for handling customer concerns and objections
• Practised gaining commitment from customers

Course Overview

1. The psychology and principles of selling – Changing your mindset about selling
2. Critical success factors
3. Building trust and rapport
4. Clarifying the needs of the customer
5. Questioning and listening to uncover customer needs
6. Features and benefits
7. Closing the sale – making business happen
8. Handling concerns and objections
9. Gaining commitment
10. Building the client relationship

Course Methods

This sales training course will be delivered in a highly engaging and interactive way, focused on the specific needs of the participants and the organisations’ sales model and targets.

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