Coaching skills is part of a leaders toolkit in driving positive performance within the organisations. In almost all jobs, a manager’s people skills – also known as “soft skills” – have as much of an impact on his success as a leader, as his technical skills.
That’s especially true when you’re in a management role.

Today’s managers are starting to realize that developing their employees is critical to the success of their department and organisation. Renowned management authority Peter Drucker has contended for years that one of the one of the primary tasks of any line manager is to help his or her people develop themselves as employees and as individuals.

To be successful, companies must create a climate that encourages employees to continuously develop themselves, become better performers in their own domains, and take ownership for the organisational success.
Coaching is one of those words that is buzzing around businesses, however, it is rarely represented correctly and at best given lip service in terms of putting it into practice.
Many businesses are founded on an autocratic hierarchy which tells its workers what to do rather than growing the individual talents of its employees for the benefit of the customers and its profits.
Coaching other people is a very satisfying and rewarding task as it enables people to create change through learning.

It helps people to be more, do more, achieve more and above all contribute more.

The UBUHLE HR 2 day course is designed to assist with developing managers in becoming a coach and mentor to the people they manage.
Managers will learn how to:
• Understand the difference between coaching and mentoring
• To coach for performance
• To contribute to the growth and development of your team.


• Senior Managers (Patterson D 1 – 4)
• Junior Managers (Patterson C 1 – 4)


The 2 day course is interesting and challenging. The course is focussed on blended learning. Group discussions, case studies, practical exercises, video clips, role play, planning checklists, practical skills and toolkits.

For more information contact Liza Gresse at UBUHLE HR, tel: +27 0861256724  Email:

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